By parents,

Karusel, lettere for forældre, bedre for planeten

for parents

We established Karusel in 2023 with the ambition to make parenthood a little easier and a lot better for the planet.

Parents should be able to make easy choices without giving up on quality and sustainability.

About us

When we had kids we realised what so many others do when expecting a first child: you need a lot of stuff. Lists of need-to-haves and nice-to-haves are endless. And they grow as quickly as the kids.

Despite our desire to make sustainable choices and buy the things we needed used, we often found ourselves buying from new. We were missing an easy and user-friendly second-hand platform.

At the same time, we couldn't fathom that there were piles of clothing and equipment all over the world, which end up being incinerated or in landfills. The clothing industry doesn't just have an enormous climate footprint, but more than 16 % of produced clothing never ends up in the hands of the consumer - just because it's an old collection or didn't get sold.

This is no good, so we decided to help change that. Buying second-hand or surplus items should be just as easy as buying from new—without compromising on quality.

With this vision in mind, we spoke with our network of parents and created Karusel.
For all of us, who want to make the more sustainable choice—without the extra hassle. 

We hope you take part and enjoy the experience.

The Karusel team

Become a Karusel Partner?

We have partnered up with a selection of brands and stores that sell their products for children and families on your app– and we are always on the look for new collaborators.

As a Karusel partner, you can sell surplus items, previous collections or other unsold products, taking up your storage space. Reach out if you too are looking for a larger platform with quality-conscious consumers. 

Together we can reduce the waste of ressources and make shopping baby and children's items just a little greener.

If you’d like to hear more about the options of becoming a Karusel partner, contact us here .

Benefits of Karusel partners